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re:View Worldview Study
re:View Worldview Study - Discern culture. Know truth.

re:View Worldview Study

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re:View Worldview Study Description

Your purchase of the re:View Worldview Study includes both the 7 and 13-session teaching formats on seven DVDs, digitally replicated from high-definition video source footage. Each disc includes:
  • 4-7 minute award-winning short film (with directorial comments)
  • 7-9 minute video teaching segment
  • Leader's guide (PDF)
  • Student handouts (PDF)
  • Supplemental PowerPoint slides (PPT)
In addition to the seven DVDs, your purchase of the study will grant you access to the downloads section at the web site. This provides you with:
  • iPod-ready video files of the entire study
  • Reviews of current movies and music for teaching illustrations
  • Leader's Guide updates
  • And much more!
The re:View Worldview Study is shipping and available for the sale price of $129.99.

Take advantage of this sale and order your copy today!

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